Vince McMahon Attempting Comeback?

2022 is an unending source of wrestling news. Especially given this year gave us CM Punk ‘noping’ out, Stephanie,, HHH and Nick Khan assuming Vince’s Horne at Titan Towers and now this: Vince is doing a Tom Brady and contemplating unretiring a short order after he retired.

You read that right. Key figure of WWE history Vincent Kennedy McMahon (he has the same middle name as the surname of the 35th President of the United States, but that’s mainly where the similarities end.) is planning a return to the WWE.

Word has not reached us about how he will accomplish this Herculean task and the timing of this return announcement is suspicious to say the least, coming as it does mere hours before documentary series ‘The 9 Lives of Vince McMahon’ begins on Vice TV tonight.

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