William Regal Returns To WWE

Regrettably, just after the annual WAR GAMES!!!

According to PWInside (who have really cut through the noise on this), Darren Matthews (who might be known better as William Regal) is finalising his new deal to become a backstage producer.

It is said to many in WWE that this was very much not a surprising hire. After a 21 year run (preceded with a short spell using the greatest theme music ever) he was let go by WWE in January this year.

Apparently, his release was viewed very negatively by current head of WWE Creative HHH and doubtlessly, this was shared by WWE Co CEO, Stephanie Mc Mahon Levesque.

In the past week, many sources have claimed many different contracts tied Regal to AEW and even that Regal had a so called ‘HHH Clause’ where he could break his contract with Tony Khan if Trips came back to power during his AEW run. Regardless, he will now be swapping his AEW base in Florida for … erm,,, Florida.

While we here at GAHY universally loved his AEW run (his debut at the end of Mox vs Danielson was a strong contender for my own pop of the year) and things like him flirting on commentary were highlight memories that’ll last a lifetime at least.

The aforementioned greatest theme is linked below:

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