Will Sasha Banks Be All Elite?

Truth is, I don’t actually know (and if I could see the future clearly, I’m more likely to go for stuff to bet on).

But according to wrestling news.co, Sasha’s company has filed fo trademarks on what seems like wrestling names.

Comic Con Revolution (which takes place May 20 – 21) has her advertised (usually the key to advertising a guest) under her shoot name of Mercedes Vernardo and perhaps tellingly, shows her as ‘formerly known as Sasha Banks’. Doubles down on departure from WWE idea. (Pictured).

Whether this necessarily means she is bound for Jacksonville is anyone’s guess. Mercedes certainly has her fingers in many pies, most notably her guest appearances in Star Wars spin off, The Mandelorian.

Perhaps there will be more news on our watchalong of AEW Full Gear coming to you Sunday morning just before 1am on our beautiful youtube channel.

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