Ring Of Honor TV Return?

It has emerged via AEW and ROH President Tony KHAAAAAAAANNNNN that what some see as a large weight weighing down AllElite Wrestling’s ratings may be getting its own television deal in 2023.

This is somewhat welcome news for me. Don’t get me wrong, the Sports Entertainment focused Chris Jericho as the champion of Sports centric ROH assures what I’ll be watching early on a Thursday. I even think Jericho should bring on some nuclear heat by re christening the ROH Championship as The ROH Universal Champ. Maybe as a gaudy spinner too?

But for the belts alone, though AEW are good to a degree at cycling the belts, though no details are forthcoming, it would give them some much needed breathing room. Also bring many belts (such as the TNT Championship, ROH Women’s Title, ROH Trios and ROH Pure) back to he prominence which they deserve.

It also brings to mind the possibility that as Tony Khan also owns the ROH Tape Library, this may indicate that we may be getting a AEW equivalent of the WWE Network.

I am not even a huge ROH fan and when it was even in its prime years, I was at best, a very casual fan of Ring of Honor. Not only does ROH’s library own AEW’s first event, but we have seen across WWE, AEW and ROH that the product is only helped by having access to a wealth of material.

I would salivate over having an AEW/ROH app alongside my EVE Online account and WWE Network.

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