However, according to Dave Meltzer, All Elite Wrestling has offered to buy out Mr.Brook’s remaining time on his contact, effectively firing him from the company.

This is doubtlessly due to the circumstances at the i now infamous Brawl Out 2022. I seems that the major hold ups are. The legal action threatened and the no compete clause onPunk’s contract, quite standard in the wrestling industry.

The main hand up complicating that matter is that Tony Khan knows that current WWE Creative Head Paul Levesque is quite reliant on big surprises (which in the words of noted very flexible ray of sunshine Jim Cornette ‘taxes the definition of surprise’) and bringing in CM Punk would be the surprise equivalent of turning up to a Conquer fight with a Hydrogen Bomb.

However, in the opinions of many, chances of Punk defecting to WWE are incredibly low.

Punk worked on WWE Backstage yes, but he was a Fox Network hire. Fox even strongly encouraged WWE to bid on him to prevent him going to AEW when he turned up in 2021. That was obviously to no avail.

That is not to say Fox would not do this again. They might even tighten the metaphorical thumbscrews to achieve this. But the question of would Punk want to work for them again raises its head. Yes, the Vince Faction is gone (or at least going) now and a few aspects he objected to prior to his 2014 departure are going now, but from the now infamous Colt Cabana Podcast on the matter, we now know his chief objection was Triple H. Would he really work for the now More Added Triple H WWE’?

Of course only time will tell and it has long been held to never say never in WWE, but I am personally not overly optimistic for chances.

If WrestleMania XXXIX (which I’ll be at live at Sofi stadium in California) ends with Cult Of Personality, I’ll be personally mad with excitement and might not get much sleep that night. But i kinda doubt it could.

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