JR Not In Favour Of AEW’s Lengthier PPVs?

One criticism which surely can never be levied at All Elite Wrestling is that ‘it never gives us our moneys worth with its PPV output’. The average AEW PPV is lengthy for sure.

At the time of writing, AEW is ready to stage All Out from Chicago, Illinois tonight and the card is to hold 15 matches.

The recent Punk v Mox on Dynamite match aside, AEW aren’t exactly known for short, squash matches. And when I personally said the main event of yesterday’s Clash At The Castle was somewhat worsened by it’s ‘concept album length when an EP was needed’, it seems that critique might rear it’s ugly head again.

However, potentially it will not just emanate from my lips. ‘The Voice Of Westling’ Mr. Jim Ross had this to say on yesterday’s live podcast with Conrad Thompson:

“Sitting out there with our group as it is, this is gonna be a 5-hour show. I’m not in favor of any 5-hour show. It’s just too long. Our attention spans are not going to maintain what it needs to be. It’s a chance for a lot talents to clear the deck and make a name for themselves.”

Of course, no PPV has to be viewed in one sitting and any length can be justified if the match quality backs it up, something more than evident at the recent Forbidden Door event.

Additionally, wrestling is always improved when watching with others. So cheap plug that our family is doing a watch along tonight and you are more than welcome to join us!

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