Destination: Netflix????

According to WWE Co – Chief Executive Officer Nick Khan in the delayed Q2 Investor’s call, a possible destination for first run episodes of Raw and Smackdown once the current deals expire could be the somewhat diminishing streaming service Netflix.

No word on if this is idle speculation currently, but with it being given the backing of at least one of WWE’s CEOs as well as the fact Netflix has been coming under fire recently for subscription rises and treating its own shows various degrees of badly if they are not Stranger Things or The Crown, it does seem like Raw and Smackdown would fit.

Of course, while a different format entirely, the fictionalised genius show GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) was cancelled by Netflix three quarters of the way through it’s run. Speculation would abound but to editorialise for a bit, it is unlikely Netflix would relegate WWE’s tentpole shows to the same fate.

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