AEW Fight Forever – Detail Leak!

AEW Fight Forever – Detail Leak!

It’s leak time with Jack Mc Morrow BAY BAY!

While we will not officially know details until a deep reveal on August 12, according to a leaked trailer for the long awaited console game for All Elite Wrestling starring Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and the legendary Tony Schivone, and called Fight Forever, we here can reveal certain salient details.

 Arguably most notable, co – founder of AEW, former TNT Champion and current WWE star Cody Rhodes is confirmed by fellow co – founder Kenny Omega as being a playable part of the game despite his return at WWE’s flagship event WrestleMania XXXVIII in Dallas, Texas back in April. Also, perhaps less surprising but good news to myself is that the Second City Saint, CM Punk who debuted almost a year ago (at the time of writing) will be included. However Kenny Omega has also confirmed that due to timing issues, there will be omissions in the roster.

No word what those omissions could be, but if I could editorialise for a second, I would bet they will be those in the other wrestling promotion owned by Tony Khan, Ring Of Honor wrestling. Of course, this could be perhaps redressed with DLC.

It has been confirmed we will be getting a deep and fully featured single player campaign, custom wrestler, custom entrance and move suites. Also that match types will include your more standard fare in singles, tags, three and four ways too.

Ladder matches and Casino Battle Royales and the sublime Lights Out matches will also feature. As will the much maligned Barbed Wire Rope, Exploding Ring match featured at Revolution 2021 with Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega. I suspect it will be somewhat closer to the recent Barbed Wire Everywhere match, the former had what is termed by OSW Review ‘farty pyro’. However, the sheer violence and spectacle intended in the former match does lend itself quite well to the virtual reality world of video gaming.

 Editorialising again, there is a prominent omission in match types, that being the signature Blood And Guts 5 vs 5 which took more than a few of its cues from World Championship Wrestling’s War Games which is currently finding use in WWE NXT.

 However, this has all the hallmarks of being the first game in a series, hopefully a long running one. Between this and the aforementioned near certainty of DLC that o expand the base game after release, not to mention it is directed by WWF No Mercy’s legendary Hideyuki Iwashita. It is a safe gamble that this game will meet with success.

The confirmed roster so far includes:


Chris Jericho

CM Punk

Cody Rhodes

Darby Allin

Dr. Britt Baker DMD

‘Hangman’ Adam Page

Hikaru Shida

Jade Cargill

Jon Moxley

Jungle Boy 

Kenny Omega

Kris Statlander

Matt Jackson

Nick Jackson

Nyla Rose

Thunder Rosa

Yuca Sakazaki

I’m sure you’ll agree, this 18 strong roster is a solid basis, but I and I’m sure many others will join me in being surprised if AEW Veteran Jungle Boy is included, but not his long term tag partner, Luchasaurus. Adam Cole would be a striking omission, as will Brian Danielson, although as both made their AEW debuts relatively late into AEW Fight Forever’s development, it would be unsurprising perhaps if they do not make the base game, but with how prominent they have been in the promotion since, they could be DLC.

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