Day One to return in 2023

Started this year and taking place on … January. 1st was the ppv (sorry, premium live event … I’ll never get used to that) and was themed after the first season of hit show 24.

Oh, not that last bit, but the rest is true.

Anyway, it is set for a return in 2023, no prizes for guessing it’s exact transmission date. An infamous call from Michael Cole in 1999 was ‘is this symbolic?’ And here, it could symbolise it being POSSIBLY the first WWE marquee event without anything with Vince’s people (ie Kevin Dunn or Bruce Pritchard) but on that, time will tell.

Day One 2023 will emanate from the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. Which is a possible return date and definite home state of a certain son of the son of a plumber.

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