Road D – O – Double G

Story via fightful

Stablemate of HHH (Head of creative for WWE and husband of it’s powerful Co – CEO, Stephanie) the Road Dogg Jesse James has reportedly been begging Tony Khan, All Elite Wrestling’s owner and head for a job.

I have several doubts it was exactly to headline All Out, but one very similar to his current role in WWE as backstage producer.

He is reported to have used all methods of communication at his disposal in aid of begging for a job with AEW.

Personally, I would love to be paid to write for AEW (if I am, look out for me becoming all the champions) but it is unclear if this is a response to Vince McMahon’s abrupt retirement last week.

As a joke, it could be a continuation of his 2006 promo in TNA Wrestling with Monty Sopp which can be found here:

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