Report: Kevin Dunn Expected To Leave WWE

Executive Producer & Chief, Global Television Distribution Kevin Dunn’s days in WWE appear to be numbered following Vince McMahon’s retirement on Friday. 

Dunn has been one of McMahon’s closest associates in the organisation for decades but Vince announced his retirement as WWE CEO and Chairman on Friday night and the 76-year-old leaves the company immediately, although he remains majority shareholder. 

With McMahon’s exit, most talent that Fightful Select spoke to believe Kevin Dunn “will likely leave the company or be forced out.” 

Wade Keller of PWTorch reported similar sentiments, noting Dunn is not a “Triple H guy” and it is unlikely that he will be with the company around “a year from now.” He is not expected to be removed immediately, though. 

Dunn has been with WWE since he completed university, being hired by Vince McMahon in 1984. He has been Line Producer of all live WWE shows since 1988 and has become somewhat infamous within the industry due to his constant camera cuts, especially during brawling segments on WWE TV. 

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