Latest news on AEW’s console game, Fight Forever

While AEW Fight Forever – the promotion’s console game – is tentatively scheduled to be released this year, development of the title doesn’t appear to have been simple for AEW, YUKE’S or Kenny Omega.

According to Sports Gamers Online, the relationship between YUKE’S and AEW ‘isn’t in the best place at the moment’, with Kenny Omega reportedly ‘hating’ working with the developer. One individual close to the game’s development even said that it appeared YUKE’S had tried to ‘take advantage’ of Omega.

Fight Forever is also believed to be ‘way over budget’ and several of the game’s features have been cut altogether or reduced. A particular issue was reportedly the game’s roster size, with a recent report from Fightful Select noting the title has 50 playable characters. 

Extra investment has been put into the title. 

If AEW and YUKE’S will continue their partnership following Fight Forever is ultimately up in the air, with the developer said to be pushing for a long-term agreement, something AEW are nervous about. 

A recent report also noted there will be ‘notable omissions’ from AEW Fight Forever.

Ahead of the AEW Games sneak peek of Fight Forever, further details have emerged about the promotion’s upcoming console game.

According to Fightful Select, Kenny Omega has gone ‘above and beyond’ during his time out of action and made sure he was able to help with the game in any way possible. The addition of Hideyuki “Geta” Iwashita – the director of WWF No Mercy – has also proved valuable for Fight Forever’s development.

Fightful noted that Fight Forever’s roster is approximately 50 playable characters with Sting, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho, and Adam Cole all confirmed for the video game. Owen Hart will be a playable character too, as reported by Cassidy Haynes of

There will be ‘some unfortunate notable omissions’ from Fight Forever’s roster when the title is first released, though, according to Fightful. Who exactly will be missing from the game is unknown but AEW consistently sign talent and the likes of Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Samoa Joe, and Toni Storm have joined the promotion in 2022 alone. 

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