Drake Maverick Issues Statement On WWE Return

While he has been fired by WWE twice before, Drake Maverick has returned to WWE once again and it emerged earlier this week that the former Rockstar Spud rejoined the company as a member of the creative team around three or four weeks ago. 

Maverick has since confirmed he rejoined WWE in late 2021 on his LinkedIn page and he issued a statement about his new role: 

“I am pleased to announce that towards the end of 2021 – I accepted the wonderful offer of becoming a part of the WWE Creative Writing Team as a Writer / Producer.

“Some of my last appearances in ring for WWE fittingly happened in the United Kingdom. The last appearance of that tour was in my hometown of Birmingham, UK where it all started. My parents had seen me perform many times at arena shows but never for the WWE. I finally was at peace with what I had accomplished in life & said to them both at the hotel with tears rolling down my face beaming with pride ‘Mom, Dad – I did it’

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