Richard Holliday talks Major League Wrestling in the UK, attitude to success

In this chat with Soundsphere magazine for GAHY, Richard discusses his own coffee brand, how he feels towards the current champion Hammerstone, and his aims and goals towards getting MLW noticed in the UK. He says: “It’s such a diverse and immense culture, filled with so much richness that I feel like I would fit in well. “I want [UK fans] to know that I am pushing for us to get over there, even if it’s just partnering with another promotion as you’ve seen us do with All Japan or Pro Wrestling NOAH. Whatever the case maybe, I think it would be widely beneficial.” While he refers to current MLW champion has “his bro”, the words aren’t so sweet when it comes to Cesar Duran, who has been terrorising both men in recent weeks: “He’s a sleazy man, you can see that in the way he slicks back his hair. He’s a manipulative, power-hungry promoter. I don’t really vibe with him.” Talking on the situation between himself, and journalist Alicia Atout, Holliday elaborates: “She has a crush on me. It’s so easy to see. She follows me to the ring. It’s so obvious.”

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