WWE may be trying to get rid of “Triple H guys”

WWE made numerous cuts from the WWE Performance Center staff today (January 5), with some key backstage names such as William Regal and Road Dogg being let go.

Fightful Select (subscription required) has provided more information on tonight’s releases, and why they happened. Talent and staff familar with the PC, NXT and NXT 2.0 said that this is directly to remove numerous Triple H hires, with the exception being Allison Danger.

WWE officials that Fightful spoke with didn’t deny this notion, with WWE even saying as much in the statement they sent out, in kinder terms. This has resulted in a huge overhaul, and many of the Triple H-era NXT names being released from the company.

Road Dogg was seen as a key ‘Triple H guy’, and his and Regal’s releases were the most evident firings that pointed to the notion that this was being done to change direction from what NXT ‘was’.

News from Wrestletalk

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