Kevin Owens confirms why he re-signed with WWE

While Kevin Owens had previously teased jumping to All Elite Wrestling when his WWE contract expired, the former Universal Champion has signed a new multi-year deal with Vince McMahon’s company. The new deal is reportedly for three years for $2-3 million per year

Owens confirmed he has re-signed with WWE during an appearance on Pat Laprade’s Anti-Pods de la Lutte and The Prizefighter explained why he decided to stay with the company. 

“I will just say that it still ends on January 31, but not 2022. I will be there for several more years. The decision was rather easy because it was really the best thing for my family. When it comes to that, it’s always a fairly easy decision. The WWE has been my home for seven years, so I have a sense of belonging. Basically, I spent most of my career there. When you look at all the wrestling companies I’ve wrestled in, WWE, that’s where I’ve been the longest, that’s where I need to be for the next few years. That’s how I felt and that’s the decision I made,” Owens said (translated using Google Translate).

KO’s new deal reportedly makes him one of the top earners in WWE. Only a few wrestlers, including Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns currently earn over $3 million per year. 

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