Killer Cross to join EC3’s Control Your Narrative faction?

The former Braun Strowman, now known as ‘The Titan’ Adam Scherr, made a surprise appearance at last weekend’s ROH Final Battle show, alongside Westin Blake (FKA Wesley Blake) and an unknown wrestler, to aid EC3.

EC3 and Scherr have teased another addition to the ‘Control Your Narrative’ group on Instagram today, when Scherr shared a picture of himself, EC3 and recently released WWE star Killer (Karrion) Kross along with the caption:

Time will tell!!!!! @controlyournarrative #ControlYourNarrative #TickTock #AllYouHaveToDoIsKnock #YouveBeenWarned #TheIdea

Kross himself reposted Scherr’s post, and added the caption:

Some decisions in life are out of our hands, however…
If you could be the worst enemy to the system or absolutely nothing;

Which would you be?

Choose to control.

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