Jim Cornette compares AEW to WWE

Jim Cornette has summed up his current thoughts on All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and has compared the promotion with the WWE product.

Cornette became somewhat infamous for his hatred of AEW, but in recent times, especially with the likes of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson joining the fold, he’s been a lot less down on it than he once was.

Speaking on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast, he said:

“No wonder that the fine folks up in WWE land can’t figure out what’s going on, because this program (AEW Dynamite) is so much easier to watch than theirs. This program is more exciting than theirs in the good stuff. This program is much more like pro-wrestling than anything the WWE is producing.

“And now that they have talent in AEW, whereas before they were short on that, you can’t watch a WWE show anymore and go… you pretty much have to acknowledge that this (WWE) is just boring, and the other stuff (AEW) at least is more exciting.”

News from Wrestletalk: https://wrestletalk.com/news/jim-cornette-state-aew-compares-wwe/

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