First look at WWE 2K22

2K Games has released a new trailer for WWE 2K22, giving fans a sneak peak at the anticipated GM mode and new controls.

The ‘WWE 2K22 Hit List Trailer’, featuring the likes of Goldberg, Rey Mysterio and Bayley, lists the features that the developers believe will make the game ‘hit different’. These features include a redesigned gameplay engine, a new 2K Showcase mode, and stunning graphics.

The video also featured a clip of the user booking a Roman Reigns vs Big E showdown on the new ‘My GM’ mode. Earlier this year, Sports Gamer Online reported that this new mode was a ‘top priority’ for the upcoming release.

2K also included a graphic of the new controls for Xbox. It was previously announced that the game controls were receiving an overhaul in order to make the game more accessible for newer fans of the series.

Here is the trailer:

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