Backstage Reaction To CM Punk & Eddie Kingston AEW Segment Revealed

The backstage reaction to the CM Punk and Eddie Kingston segment from AEW Rampage on November 5 has been revealed.

The segment received a lot of praise from fans, and it sounds like that was a sentiment shared by those backstage at the show itself.

Speaking on his latest What Happened When podcast, AEW announcer and interviewer Tony Schiavone said:

“That was amazing TV. I remember I was at the Go position watching and listening. I looked over at, I think it was Dean Malenko. Tony Khan, I’m not so sure he was over two seats from me. I remember looking, saying, ‘This is some entertaining s**t we got going on here guys’. Then it was over and then Eddie came to the back. I got up, went over to him, and said, ‘My God’. He said, ‘Was it good?’ I said, ‘It was f**king good’. He said, ‘That means a lot coming from you’.

“I said something to CM Punk too about how great it was. I don’t think on a wrestling promo that you can get better than that. We’ve seen good ones, but I had someone when it was going on said, ‘Is this a shoot?’ I thought wow, that’s when you know it’s good.”

CM Punk and Kingston have only had a couple of weeks to build to their Full Gear match, but that segment instantly made it one of the most anticipated matches on the show.

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