Karrion Kross and Keith Lee respond to WWE releases

Karrion Kross and Keith Lee, who were both released by WWE yesterday, have spoken out about the new gimmicks they were given.

Upon his move to the main roster, Kross had his entrance and fiancée taken away from him, both of which were a vital part of his act in NXT, and was instead given a silly outfit with a ridiculous helmet/mask thing.

Lee, on the other hand, was repackaged as Keith ‘Bearcat’ Lee after being out for several months due to life-threatening health problems.

Fans were critical of the changes to both men’s presentations, and it sounds like neither of them were big fans either.

Lee took to Instagram to reply to a comment, confirming that the idea to become ‘Bearcat’ was not his. He specifically wrote:

No. It was not. Lol.

So while he didn’t explicitly say anything bad about it, that repsonse really tells you everything you need to know.

Kross didn’t hold back quite as much, as when a fan asked if Kross would give him the helmet, Kross replied (uncensored):

Nobody wants that piece of s**t brother. 😂

The talent was told the reason for the releases was budget cuts, but it’s also come to light that for a number of them, their refusal to get vaccinated played into it too. No names have yet been identified besides Nia Jax.

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