Twitch Leak Reveals How Much Former WWE Stars Make From Platform

A data leak from popular streaming website Twitch has revealed how much money some wrestlers, including Adam Cole and Paige, have made from the site over a two-year period.

The leaked figures were posted anonymously on 4chan, and have since been confirmed by a number of streamers, who admit the numbers match up to their own.

Per WrestlingInc: The payout data includes revenue for what accounts made from September 2019 through September 2021. It should be noted that the data includes payouts from subscriptions and Twitch’s Bit system. The payout data does not include donations, which is a significant source of revenue for most Twitch streamers. It’s been estimated that subscriptions amount to between 30% and 60% of a streamer’s income, with most of their revenue coming from direct donations.

Here are the leaked figures:

  • Adam Cole – $318,080 (@TheCHUGS)
  • Colt Cabana – $32,479 (@coltcabana)
  • Evil Uno – $35,742 (@eviluno)
  • Impact Wrestling – $69,140 (@impactwrestling)
  • Paige – $478,224 (@SarayaOfficial)
  • Tyler Breeze – $43,755 (@thesweetzlive)
  • Xavier Woods – $25,431 (@AustinCreed)
  • Zelina Vega – $341,748 (@theatrinidad)

These numbers make it clear why WWE was so keen on claiming money made on the platform by its contracted stars, and also why the likes of Adam Cole, Paige and Zelina Vega were so determined not to give up their accounts.

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