AEW’s latest Unrestricted Podcast features Malakai Black

Malakai Black reveals the mix of horror movies, music, mythology, and European history that’s influenced and inspired his incredible AEW entrance!

He breaks down the evolution of the three light stabs and his name, and he shares the backstage ritualist preparation he undergoes before every match. He also talks about his AEW debut in Miami, how they managed to keep it a secret, brawling with Cody Rhodes, and working with “Daredevil” star Rosario Dawson. He has stories about growing up in the Netherlands, the Dutch wrestling scene, his martial arts background, and his fascination with religion and the occult. Plus, he answers questions about a possible cinematic wrestling match in the future, developing his Blxck Mass clothing line, his cats, and learning to speak English.


Malakai Black on his AEW character and entrance:

“I just presented this entire ball of information to Tony [Khan], and Tony just absorbed it and was like, ‘Yeah, I love it! Let’s give it a go, and we’ll see where it ends!’ The rest is history because obviously it was a big success.”

Malakai Black on wrestling inspiration:

“I told my mom at age six, ‘I want to be a pro wrestler,’ and my mom was like, ‘Yeah, sure.’ Who’s laughing now mom?”

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